Our Projects

Projects Overview

The Company, through the Subsidiaries, holds a 100% interest in in the following Projects:

Splinter Rock Project: a 2,579kmtenement package located approximately 150km northeast of Esperance, Western Australia, comprising 6 granted exploration licences, being E63/2115, E69/3904, E69/3905, E69/3907, E69/3893 and E69/3894. 

Grass Patch Projecta 2,248km2 tenement package located approximately 30km to 100km north of Esperance, Western Australia, comprising 4 granted exploration licences, being E63/2151, E63/2152, E63/2185 and E63/2154 and 2 exploration licence applications, being E63/2153 and E74/693.

The projects are all located in Western Australia and accessible from Perth (~700km) or the regional centre Esperance (~50 to 150km).